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Should I engage a bid writer?

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Securing lucrative contracts can significantly affect a company's success or failure in the competitive business world. Submitting proposals, or bids, is often an essential part of this process. So, is employing a professional bid writer necessary when securing new contracts? Let's delve into the benefits of working with a bid writer and how they can make a difference in winning bids.

A skill of its own

Many people may assume that bid writing is simply describing a company's products or services and outlining why they should be chosen. However, the art of crafting a successful bid goes far beyond this. At its core, bid writing is about persuasion and the ability to communicate complex ideas concisely. Furthermore, it involves knowing how to structure a proposal, adhere to specified guidelines, and present tailored solutions that address the client's needs. This comes with experience and specialised knowledge, making a skilled bid writer an invaluable asset to any company.

Answering the question

A key challenge in bid writing is addressing the specific questions or criteria that the client has provided. Many companies may fall into the trap of writing generic responses or not adequately answering the question. Professional bid writers, on the other hand, have honed their skills in deciphering and responding to these questions. A good bid writer knows that it is crucial to understand the client's context, needs, and requirements, allowing them to tailor their response and present a solution that genuinely speaks to the client's needs. This understanding often gives a company the competitive edge to secure the contract.

Putting the customer first

A common pitfall for businesses when crafting a bid is focusing too much on their own strengths, accomplishments, and services. While it's essential to present a compelling case for choosing your company, successful bid writing revolves around understanding the customer's needs and how your company can fulfil these requirements better than the competition. Professional bid writers recognise that a winning proposal isn't just about showcasing your company. It's also about demonstrating how your solution addresses the procuring client's needs and adds value. A crucial skill for any good bid writer is empathising with the client and understanding their perspective.

Diverse perspectives

A bid writer often works across various industries and sectors (particularly consultants and freelancers), which means they have a wealth of experience to draw upon. This affords them a unique perspective, which helps them integrate successful approaches and strategies from one sector into another, resulting in innovative and winning proposals. Moreover, their exposure to diverse businesses helps them anticipate pitfalls and identify opportunities others may overlook.

The secret ingredient

A significant advantage of working with a professional bid writer is their ability to offer potential solutions you may not have considered previously or help you frame your offering slightly differently. This involves recognising customer requirements gaps, suggesting new approaches or technologies, and presenting a more comprehensive and effective solution. This value-added element is often the missing ingredient that sets a winning bid apart from the competition.

What next?

A great bid writer is worth their weight in gold - their expertise, skillset, and experience far outweigh the cost, making them an essential component of your work-winning strategy. If you are struggling to win contracts or looking to improve your success rate, you should consider partnering with a professional bid writer.

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